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Environmental conditions such as growing roots and seismic activity can potentially damage your sewer line. At Journey Inspections, we can detect any potential problems before it’s too late. Our fully licensed inspectors in Colorado Springs, CO, are ready to assist you through the entire process and get the job done right from the start. Contact our experienced staff to learn more about our sewer line inspection services.

We Offer Reliable Sewer Line Inspections

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Our knowledgeable inspectors use a sewer inspection camera to identify issues on your sewer line and provide you with solutions to mitigate any problems happening on your property. Once the camera enters the main sewer line of your house, we will determine any breaks, root intrusions, damage to the pipe system, or cracks to address the problem. Additionally, we provide images and videos to get a clearer image of your sewer line to locate the exact problems and what is causing them.

We Can Quickly Identify All Issues

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Our goal is to accurately analyze your sewer line’s condition to understand what needs to be fixed. Call our inspectors today to schedule a sewer camera inspection if you’re in the Colorado Springs, CO, area. We also offer discounts for military, teachers, first responders, and first-time homebuyers!

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Our certified and licensed inspectors make sure your property is working at peak performance.

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We perform radon testing to keep you and your loved ones protected from radon exposure.

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If you suspect there is mold in your home, call our experts for a thorough mold testing service.

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We offer infrared home inspection service to have a complete perspective of your property.

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Contact our experts for a detailed drone inspection and quickly identify your home issues.

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Get a sewer line inspection with our experienced professionals to avoid any costly repairs.

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